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The Vital Link

Techconsult has between 200 and 300 experienced professionals contracted to its clients at any one time.
The company has over the years, adapted to a dynamic market where the project based planning format and organization makes increasing demands on the resources available. As well as relevant qualifications, experience and technical expertise, other factors such as flexibility, cost control, accessibility and availability, security and HES requirements must also be considered when evaluating prospective project participants.


It is in this challenging market Techconsult AS has defined its role as the vital link between jobs and professionals.


Recruitment for permanent positions 

As specialists in technical and project management disciplines, we understand what skills you are looking for and know where to find it.

Through proven and structured processes we assist you throughout the recruitment process, from your decision of employment and forward to meeting your new employee.

Dialogue from A to Z

We start all processes with a thorough dialogue with the client to uncover requirements for the position and the desired profile of potential candidates.

Besides the professional qualifications, we also emphasize the personal
qualities the position may require in relation to degree of independence, teamwork skills, decisiveness, management experience, language skills, local connection etc.

Necessary clarifications are made between you as a client and us, as well as an assessment of the complexity of finding the right candidates. Additionally a preliminary progress is set for further work.

The contact person at your company is kept updated and necessary clarifications are made continuously throughout the process.

Well documented and structured processes

 The position is advertised in agreed channels parallel with the recruitment process which include search in external CV databases and networks like LinkedIn. We complement with search in our own databases consisting of more than 8,000 qualified candidates. Through documented and structured processes we lead candidates through documentation collection, review and verification, initial interviews and reference checks before the first candidate list is presented to you the client.

The following interviews and the next steps in the recruitment process are done in close cooperation with you the client. Depending on job category, complexity and responsibility, we recommend that our products within personality testing and background check are considered.


Download our recruitment brochure (Norwegian only)