Recruitment of the requested expertise

Our recruitment product

Through proven and structured processes, we will work actively to find the correct person for you and your company.

As specialists within the technical and project management disciplines, we understand what skills you are looking for and we know where to find it.

We will assist you throughout the recruitment process, from clarifying your needs to finalizing employment

Our Values

Engaged – because we love challenges and the work we do
Innovative – because we are constantly looking for the best solution
Open – because transparency gives confidence
Responsible – because we take the job seriously
Professional – because the job is our discipline

Dialogue from A to Z

We start all processes with a thorough dialogue to uncover your requirements for the position and the desired profile of potential candidates.

Besides professional qualifications, we also emphasize personal qualities the position may require in relation to degree of independence, teamwork skills, decisiveness, management experience, language skills, local connection etc. These are important to clarify early to ensure a targeted process and a good result.

After initial clarifications are made, we will set a preliminary progress for the work ahead.

We will keep an ongoing dialogue and necessary clarifications are made continuously throughout the process.

Well documented and structured processes

The position is advertised in the agreed channels parallel with the recruitment process including searches in external CV databases and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We complement with searches in our own databases consisting of more than 15000 qualified candidates. Through documented and structured processes, we lead candidates through documentation collection, review and verification, initial interviews, tests and reference checks.

The following interviews and the next steps in the recruitment process are done in close cooperation with you, the client. Depending on job category, complexity and responsibility, we recommend that our products within personality testing and background check are considered.

Should you choose to complete parts of the recruitment process yourself, this is not a problem. Techconsult will be able to contribute to parts of the recruitment process if this is your preferred solution.

Download our recruitment brochure to get to know us better and see what we can offer.