Processing of Personal Information


This privacy policy statement applies to all information provided on Techconsult’s websites with subsequent registration in our databases done in connection with applications for vacant positions and as employed or independent consultants. The Privacy Statement also applies to direct applications or inquiries on a general basis where personal information is being registered. Techconsult AS (organization number 981 135 156) is responsible for secure storage and treatment of all information collected and registered in our systems.Contact your Techconsult contact person for further information.

How personal information is processed

At the time of application we only collect personal information required for the total assessment of your application. If an application is made through our website, some statistical information connected to the use of the site will also be collected.

Examples of information obtained:
When applying for vacancies / general inquiries
• Name
• Address
• Email and phone / mobile
• Date of birth
• CV and other information related to your candidacy
• Diplomas and certificates
• Reference persons and references from previous employment relationships
• Other relevant information
• Information regarding your use of the website. Information about your use of the website is only collected in order for us to be able to provide a better user experience.

By direct application to Techconsult outside of the internet portal (not recommended), a corresponding set of information will be collected by our advisors. This information is subject to the same strict regulations as an online registration.
In order to process the application, based on received data, we will produce a CV, collect references from previous employers, and conduct an interview.

Upon registration in Techconsult’ s systems and databases, the applicant accepts that the above information is recorded and generated, and that this information is stored in Techconsult’ s database, available for our advisors and administrative employees as long as the application or your candidacy is relevant.

When employed in Techconsult.

Upon employment, we will also collect information about the following:
• Personal identification number (5 last digits)
• Next of kin
• Bank account information
• Employment agreement including all attachments
• Salary and invoice information
Personal identification numbers (5 last digits) and bank account information are considered to be particularly sensitive and will not be stored in our databases. This information will only be stored in our payroll and billing systems as long as this information is relevant to the employment relationship or as a result of imposed public regulations.

How information is collected

Techconsult collects information through forms on our website, through direct registration based on received information or through a personal interview with one of our advisors. It is optional to provide this information. If you choose not to provide your personal information, we may be prevented from processing your application in a professional and quality assured manner and your candidature may be rejected.

Example of forms:
– Search web pages
– By email directly to one of our advisers
– In an interview with one of our advisers.
– Upon request for information.
– By signing up to receive our newsletter or blog by e-mail

Purpose of the information obtained

– To process the application
– In order to quality assure the information
– To be able to maintain an employment relationship

We create profiles based on the information obtained to provide relevant job offers.

How is the information stored?

Information is obtained through the above, and stored in Techconsult’s databases and payroll and invoicing systems. We strive to retain only relevant information. Information about sexual orientation, alcohol, drug misuse or personal economy is not registered in our databases.

Storage of information

Information classified as particularly sensitive will not be stored in our databases. Personal information and additional information described above will be available in our databases as long as the registrant has the status of potential candidate for positions handled by Techconsult. Information connected to unsolicited applicants will be deleted and no information connected to these will be retained in our systems.

Consultants registered as “closed” will still be registered in our databases for documentation reasons, but will not be available for regular searches.

Registered consultants, with the exception of those with a registered employee status, will at any time, through inquiry or through our intranet, be able to completely delete all information stored in our databases.

How is the information deleted?

Information will be deleted on request by contacting us or via the intranet. Basic information about your registration with us will be available by logging into our intranet pages by using the supplied username and password.

Disclosure of information to third parties

Personal information which is relevant (CV, basic personal information) is shared with our clients in connection with assignments where your candidacy is relevant. However, this will only be done upon further agreement with you in each case.

Data security and non-discrimination

All our computer systems are subject to strict security measures. The security of these systems is ensured by a 3-party supplier whose implemented security systems are documented and approved by Techconsult AS. The security systems apply to all information stored on Techconsult’s servers.

Techconsult performs annual reviews of all routines relating to the processing of personnel data and in the event of any changes to these systems, risk assessments will be conducted to ensure that data is processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
Any deviations that may arise or be revealed in our handling of personal documentation will be subject to our standard deviation and warning procedures.
Handling of personal data is included in our standard quality routines and is also included in our annual quality audits.

As a user of our webpages, and as registered in our systems, you have the right to require access to the personal information we process about you at any time. You may also require corrections, deletions and limitations in the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Information Act.

Where the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time.

If you believe that Techconsult AS has not complied with your rights under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to appeal to the appropriate supervisory authority.

For more information, please see

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You can also contact us directly through your contact person with us. You will find information about this on our web pages or by logging into your intranet account.