Signing new and large agreement with Aibel AS

From the left: Terje Egeland – Blu Electro, Einar Refsnes – IKM, Ronny Meyer – Techconsult og Morten Langeland – PDS Consult

Techconsult as is part of a new alliance group that has recently been awarded a framework agreement with Aibel AS. The alliance, consists of the companies Techconsult as,  IKM Consultants, PDS Consult and Blue Electro. The framework agreement has a duration of up to 8 years, including options and covers engineering, project administration and Data/IT.

The alliance partners, which are established in Oslo, Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger and Hammerfest, are very pleased with the agreement.

“Aibel is already a large and important customer for us,” says Managing Director of IKM Consultants, Einar Refsnes. “We are grateful that they choose our alliance as suppliers in such a large and long-term agreement.

“Aibel is a forward-looking company with a strong focus on sustainability and green energy, and the agreement paves the way for an even greater commitment from us in this area as well. The four companies that work together constitute a strong alliance that will contribute to Aibel’s further growth.

“We see the agreement as a vote of confidence, and it gives the alliance great motivation and new opportunities in the coming years. We look forward to contributing our expertise to existing and upcoming projects,” adds Ronny Meyer, CEO of Techconsult AS.

“The agreement gives the alliance valuable stability and access to new assignments and projects for many years to come. Naturally, this is also of great importance for our employees,” adds Morten Langeland, general manager of PDS Consult.

Terje Egeland, who heads Blu Electro, is particularly concerned with delivering high quality in the electrical and automation disciplines that are urgently needed in the market, and with this agreement sees the opportunities for further growth.

The companies have collaborated through framework agreements for several years, and also currently have a framework agreement with Aibel AS within consultancy services.

In 2021, the alliance had a total annual turnover of approximately NOK 800 million, and currently employs around 750 consultants from 30 different nations within engineering services and project administration disciplines. The Alliance expects that the agreement will result in a significant increase in the number of employees.