The Quality Management in Projects (QMiP)

The Quality Management in Projects (QMiP) – 25657

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Sted: Oslo
Sektor: Privat
Søknadfrist: Snarest
Tiltredelse: 02-01-2024
Stillingstype: Prosjekt


Navn: Marianne Koppang
Telefon: 90092601

Techconsult is the link between jobs and professionals. For one of our customers we are now looking for The Quality Management in Projects (QMiP) 25657.


The Quality Management in Projects (QMiP) is responsible for ensuring high quality standards in project deliverables and processes. This role involves implementing quality management strategies, monitoring project activities to guarantee adherence to quality guidelines, and driving continuous improvement initiatives. The QMiP collaborates closely with project teams, stakeholders, and management to establish and maintain a culture of quality excellence.


Key Responsibilities:
Quality Planning:
• Calculate the QMiP-related cost during project bid phase.
• Develop comprehensive quality plans for projects, outlining quality objectives, standards, and methodologies.
• Collaborate with project teams to identify key quality indicators and performance metrics.

Quality Control:
• Monitor quality related project activities and deliverables in accordance with the “PM@Siemens process” using EPIQ.
• Conduct regular inspections, audits, and reviews to ensure compliance with established quality standards.
• Identify and address deviations from quality requirements promptly and effectively.

Process Improvement:
• Continuously assess project processes and workflows to identify areas for improvement.
• Initiate and lead process improvement initiatives, focusing on enhancing efficiency and quality outcomes.
• Provide recommendations to optimize existing procedures and promote best practices.

Quality Awareness:
• Foster awareness of quality standards, emphasizing the importance of individual and collective contributions to maintaining high-quality results.

Documentation and Reporting:
• Maintain accurate records of quality assessments, deviations, and corrective actions.
• Prepare detailed quality reports for project stakeholders and management, highlighting performance against quality objectives.
• Ensure all quality-related documentation is organized and easily accessible.

Stakeholder Collaboration:
• Collaborate closely with project managers, team leads, and external stakeholders to align quality objectives with project goals.
• Engage stakeholders in quality improvement initiatives and gather feedback to enhance processes and deliverables.

Compliance and Certification:
• Stay updated on industry-specific quality standards, regulations, and certifications relevant to the projects.
• Ensure projects comply with applicable quality certifications and facilitate certification processes when necessary.


To be accepted as a candidate you must be located within EU – preferable in Norway. Important with valid work permit for Norway if not located in Norway.

Job Specifications: 
The application deadline for this position is ASAP, but we will also consider candidates for similar or other relevant positions consecutively.


Workplace: Asker, Oslo
Start: 02.01.2024
Duration: 31.12.2024


As an employee at Techconsult, we can offer you the following: 
•    Competitive salary 
•    Professional development and flexibility by working in projects with the major companies within oil, gas and land based industry
•    A close follow-up of each employee
•    Insurance benefits
•    Social activities
•    Physical development and training support 

Techconsult emphasis being close to our employees and we focus on being a professional, safe and pleasant employer, where you will clearly notice that the focus is on you. 

If any questions concerning this position, please contact me, Marianne Koppang, by email:


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