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100% focused

We at Techconsult have great respect for the value and effectiveness of objective hard work.

Every day we work for both our employees and our customers to ensure their satisfaction with the way we operate and the results we achieve.

1368 malrettet 

About Techconsult

Techconsult AS has, since its inception in 1999, worked persistently to build a strong position as a provider of expertise in its fields. The company has had a healthy development and today has offices in Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger og Molde.

The company aims to be an important part of our clients' value chain by offering qualitative services and solutions in a modern, focused and well fundamented concept.

Offshoreprosjekt_4This will be achieved through:                                       

  • Highly qualified and motivated employees
  • A thorough understanding of our clients' needs
  • Extensive cooperation and communication
  • A high level of service and flexibility
  • Complying with current market conditions 

Our partnership concept should and will go far beyond that usually associated with traditional consulting services and includes amongst other things:

  • Recruitment for permanent positions
  • Management and resource teams for larger projects
  • Training and qualification initiatives
  • Trainee solutions
  • Long-term resource planning